Impulse into Being: Working with Subtle Energetic Impulses on Land and in Water

This 4-day (32-hour) training for Practitioners of Cranial Sacral, Watsu, and Somatic Therapies incorporates land and water-based techniques for sensing, tracking and responding to subtle energetic impulses in our clients.

This unique collaboration between Dr. Raymond F. Castellino DC, RPP, RPE, RCST® and Mary Seamster LMP, BCST applies the principles of Castellino Prenatal and Birth Therapy and Amnion® to the warm-water aquatic therapy setting.

This collaboration brings 77 years of cumulative experience in unearthing the mystery of the body. In other aquatic trainings, practitioners usually originate the movement. By contrast, Mary and Ray will focus on helping practitioners discover the client’s energetic impulses and embryologic movement patterns.

Priority is given to experienced practitioners. Others are welcome to apply.

Dates: May 9-13, 2017
Location: White Stone Institute, La Center, Washington (just across the river from Portland, OR)
Limited to 12 participants —

Learning objectives:

Participants will be able to name and describe the following four factors involved in working with subtle energetic impulses arising in a client:

  • physical breath in connection with the craniosacral Breath of Life and Long Tide
  • intercostals diagrammatic breathing
  • resonance through tempo and pacing
  • facilitated movement

When conducting client sessions on land and then in water, participants will be able:

  • to discover and track subtle energetic impulses that originate from within the client
  • to follow the subtle energetic impulses they have successfully sensed in the client
  • to reflect in a symbiotic dance the movements that arise from the subtle energetic impulses they have tracked and followed in the client
  • to progress (from tracking to following energetic impulses and then reflecting those movements) to deepening resonance with the client's craniosacral long tide

Participants will be able to apply the principles of 'dynamic creative opposition' in both land and water sessions to achieve the following two effects:

  • resistance and expansion into movement
  • fluidity of movement without restriction

Cost: $900 + $150 for catered food if all payments are by check, money order or cash and are paid when due ($450 when signing up to Castellino Training, $600 at workshop to White Stone). Payments may be possible by other means for an additional charge.

Contact: Mary Seamster at (360) 263-2119 or to apply. Mary will coordinate applications and acceptances. She and Ray will be conferring on all applications..

Non-refundable $450 deposit check made to "Castellino Training, Corp" mailed to White Stone Medical, 14000 NE 37th Street, La Center, WA 98629, will hold your place in the training. Another $450 tuition as well as $150 for catering is due at the beginning of the workshop. Payment at the workshop is by cash, check of money order to White Stone Medical, Inc, given to Mary Seamster.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel, the deposit is non-refundable. Any additional refund will depend on whether we can fill the workshop and when you cancel. Details on request.

Accommodation: Those from out of the area will be given preference for staying on site. Contact Mary about lodging. She can suggest local motels also.